Artist Statement

I create narratives.  I document, cross-examine, create cultural hybridizations, decontextualize/recontextualize texts, topics and issues focused on Black Culture’s constant striving within today’s society.  I work within the cusp of my cultures as Haitian, American, and African Diaspora, and I link unresolved issues across time as a political strategy.  This takes into account language, mannerisms, social issues, and injustice; it depicts our contemporary struggles against indifference, coded vernacular, and entrenched economic dispositions.

My series of works, including “Niggerfication,” “Mammy was Here,” and “Baldwin as Politics” recontextualize issues that may seem outdated and irrelevant, however have actually morphed to avoid being conspicuous.  I fold in residues of colonial influences, struggles of being a woman, and criticism of imperialist white supremacist patriarchal cultures.

The narratives take form as audiovisual performance, printmaking, text-based collages, installations, and sculpture favoring repurposed or found objects.  I transform our social dilemmas into abstracted semiotic imagery which reflects upon our long-growing list of issues, distilling them into art.  Through this interdisciplinary approach, I have translated my observations, research, and personal experiences into series of works which are approachable but with a deep layering of readings, conceptual while representational, structured yet abstract.

All works and images on this site copyright Dominique Duroseau.