Dominique Duroseau is a Newark-based artist born in Chicago, raised in Haiti.
Her interdisciplinary practice explores themes of racism, socio-cultural issues, and existential dehumanization.
Her exhibitions, performances, and screenings include SATELLITE ART and PULSE Play in Miami; The Kitchen, The Brooklyn Museum and the New Museum (BWA for BLM), El Museo del Barrio, A.I.R. Gallery, BronxArtSpace, Rush Arts Gallery, and Smack Mellon in New York City; The Newark Museum, Index Arts, Project for Empty Space, and Gallery Aferro in Newark, NJ.
Her recent exhibitions and talks include: solo exhibition at A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn, panelist at Black Portraiture[s] at Harvard and lecturer at Vassar.
She was a fellow at A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn, and received artist residencies from Gallery Aferro, Index Art Center, the Wassaic Project and Shine Portrait Studio.
Duroseau holds a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master of Arts in Fine Arts.


I create narratives. 
I document, cross-examine, create cultural hybridizations. 
I de-contextualize/re-contextualize texts, topics, and issues on Black Culture’s constant striving within today’s society. 

My process is part isolation for research, design and constructing employing multiple techniques; part interactive/participatory (audience). The majority of my work is generated in response to research, observation, dialogues, people’s actions/ reactions/ thoughts; occasionally participants’ ideas can become the work itself.

The work addresses issues that have remained persistent, morphed, and folds in residuals of colonial influence, women's issues, and criticism of imperialist white-supremacist patriarchal cultures. I work within the cusp of my cultures as Haitian, American, and African Diaspora, then link unresolved issues across time as a political strategy. This takes into account the nuances of language and mannerisms, while illuminating social issues and injustice, depicting contemporary struggles against indifference, coded vernacular, and entrenched economic dispositions. 

All works and images on this site copyright Dominique Duroseau.